In the Sverdlovsk region the modern centers of vocational training

One of these centers is created with Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant. The educational institution is equipped with modern machinery, which includes machines and simulators for training. Here is everything you need for training and raising the level of professionalism: the weld area, simulators tube mills, and more.


Training of young professionals started this year. In college accepted 175 students. The highest tender was marked by special technology.


But in addition to this specialty is also engaged in training electricians, mechanics and casters. To become a versatile staff, students are able to get two or three additional occupations: radiographer, pipe cutter and workpiece, laminators, indestructible, pravilschika, setup man automated lines, repairer-metallurgical equipment, control room operator, electrician.

The college presented a completely new curricula in 15 specialties and 22 professions.


Next year will be allocated 150 million rubles for the further development of the training base of college in order to create a resource center with him, so that he could come to learn from the young people from other parts of the country.

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