In the Tambov region develop horticulture

In the region of the programs "The development of horticulture and nursery in the Tambov region in 2012 — 2014 years, with the continuation of activities until 2020". The program foresees a budget funds for compensation of the cost of a bookmark, care, stubbing perennial plants, purchase of specialized agricultural equipment.

The leader in this area —  Ltd. "Snezhetok". This forward with 70 years of experience in horticultural industry on the First District. Last fall, here laid the 300 acres of the new garden. Gardens, LLC "Snezhetok" planted on innovative technology-intensive method.

In 2012, "Snezhetok" will continue bookmark perennial plants over an area of 1,000 hectares. Full swing stubbing gardens planting 1953’s. In their place, after three years of exposure and soil preparation will lay the intensive garden.

"Snezhetok" successfully piloted new technology and in the breeding of strawberry. She is under constant drip irrigation is growing on a soft pillow under antiseptic innovative film — no weeds and pests.

Modern technology gardening give a good result. Yield increases 2-3 times — up to 30 kg of fruit per tree. Traditional varieties of apples, Russian: Zhigulevskoye, Orlik, The March and almost lost Antonivka. Planting material — branches with buds about to literally all over Russia. In the Company "Snezhetok" set out to restore the gardens Antonovka.

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