In the Tambov region in the area started Tokarevskoye elevator at 100 thousand tons of grain

Holding "Belstar-Agro" launched in Tokarevskoye near Tambov region elevator of 100 thousand tons of grain of storage. The cost of the project amounted to 1,000,000,000 rubles.

The new elevator is the first step in the realization of the investment project "Biotechnological complex" Tokarevskiy. " His goal — to create a unique Russian enterprise for deep processing of grain. Near the new elevator, on the site of old warehouses, will soon begin construction of the second phase of the investment project.

After commissioning of these facilities, industrial output will be 4 billion. The budgets of all levels of expected tax revenues in the amount of 560 million rubles. The enterprise will create an additional 700 jobs, plans to build more than 10 thousand square meters of housing for workers.

On the same day in Tokarevskoye area were discovered three major social object: a new nursing home, clinic and multipurpose center.

Construction of the elevator began in December last year on the basis of "Tokarevskiy Bread Factory". With the use of advanced German technology here today erected a large processing plant, which is fully compliant with the latest technological requirements.

How to tell the contractors for each tank of a new elevator was necessary to tighten the nuts 2000000 was conducted complex concreting platforms, organized driveways. This elevator will become the base will work for further downstream processing of grain, the development of grain production not only in the Tokarev, but also the surrounding areas. The total processing complex will be 240 thousand tons of wheat.

His executor is the managing company of CJSC "Belstar-Agro", construction loan was issued by the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation. Construction of an elevator at a cost of one billion rubles. The approximate cost of the second phase — 10.8 billion rubles. It will be built plant for the production of glucose-fruit syrups from corn, which today is one of the most promising substitutes for sugar, gluten-free for the confectionery industry, as well as the feed mill. Recently, the area between the management and the investors signed an agreement on the financing of the project.

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