In the Tambov region opened after reconstruction Cheese Factory

In district Coopers opened after reconstruction cheese factory.

The project is of great importance for the development Bondarskaia district. Purchase of milk at a fixed price enables local rural producers to think about the benefits of dairy farming, which until recently was considered one of the most unprofitable. Therefore Bondarskaia district began construction of family farms, which are supported by the state.

The birth of their second plant must governor Oleg Betina, who decided to create a new type of company in the field of milk production. It must not only produce quality products, but also to buy milk, regardless of the season at a fixed price, thereby stabilizing the situation in dairy cattle.

The founder of the company has updated Tambov management company, which owns 95 percent stake in a cheese factory. In the share capital was made about 90 million rubles, which went to the purchase of the line technology and other modern equipment. Performed marketing work: developed the brand "Bon-Dari," thought out modern attractive packaging, the advertising company.

At the initial stage, the plant will process 40 tons of milk per day. It is planned to expand production to 100 tons. The Company now produces three varieties of cheese, "Russian", "Tambov" and "Bondarskaia." Because of the technological features of the first batch will be released on the New Year. Later Bondartsev will make butter and cheese. In addition, the purchased production line of so-called social milk, the need for which the test is primarily educational, health and social services. A liter of the milk in a plastic bag will cost about 20 rubles.

Talking about the implementation of this project, the governor Oleg Betin said: "Good contrast of the new plant is that it only works on a live milk. Products, which manufactures enterprise perishable, but the natural, and so much more useful for health. This is its advantage. "

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