In the Tomsk region has opened a new bridge over the river. TashMI

Today at 10:30 am in the Tomsk region was commissioned a bridge over the river on the track TashMI Tomsk and Mary.

Under Construction:

 TashMI bridge over the river was built in 1985 on one of the busiest routes in the region — the road Tomsk and Mary the transit passenger and freight traffic, as well as the shortest connection between Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk. In 25 years of operation, he came to the emergency condition. It was decided to build a new bridge. In June 2012, a competition was held, it won the Tomsk branch of "Sibmost."

The bridge was built in six months. The total length of the bridge with approaches reaches 440 meters, the length of the bridge — 42 meters. Load capacity of the bridge — 60 tons. Total funding for the construction of the bridge was 66.3 million rubles from the Road Fund to the Tomsk region.


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