In the tourist state of India due to landslides killed five people

August 5, 2013. At least five people were killed in heavy rains and landslides provoked by them in one of the most popular tourist states in India — Kerala. Livni, who does not stop here for many days, led to the fact that the authorities were forced to close the local airport, located in the administrative center of the state, the city of Kochi. In many places, the rains washed away the road, blocking the entrances to the affected villages.

All of the victims of the current landslide — residents of the settlements in Idukki district, known for its hilly terrain. Area was, in fact, sandwiched on both sides by massive landslides. Under one of them, cover the highway and killed five motorists. Nevertheless, this is still not the final statistics, as search and rescue operations in the area continues, is not the whole road was cleared of debris.

Meanwhile, incessant rains complicate the work of the rescuers. In addition, there is a danger that their banks will leave the local rivers, further complicating the situation.
As for the work of the airport, local authorities hope to restore his work as early as Tuesday. In the meantime, send planes to other airports, as the runway is partially flooded with water. A total to date had to be moved from Kochi airport 126 flights.

Source: News Gismeteo

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