In the treasury of the mega-project Ural Industrial — Ural Polar

On the Yamal Peninsula in the entire transmission line is being built, which will connect the TPP "North" and the sub-station "Central" in Salekhard, the length of the new line of 2.7 kilometers. This will further provide power "Polar" in the network of the Tyumen energy system. It is planned that the design voltage of 110 kW line will be released in Q4 2013.

On the site itself Canub "Polar" work is being done around the clock, in difficult weather conditions and at low temperatures. In the near future the erection of the station will be brought over 2,500 professionals.

Brought to the site necessary building materials — metal profile, piles, insulation. The next milestone will be the pile of more than 5 thousand piles future station.

As reported by specialized media today is assembling construction headquarters, built the foundation for future administrative structures. The specialists of "Development Corporation" devised a scheme of power TPP with the growing needs of residents and businesses in the region that would ensure consumers Salehard reliable power supply from two independent sources — station "North" and the high-voltage line 220 kV "Nadim — Salehard."

Improving energy efficiency through the use of modern combined cycle technologies will be decommissioned exhausted their resources and produce costly diesel power station, and work in a cogeneration mode will significantly increase the reliability of heat and electricity Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, will halve the electricity tariffs. The first phase of the station will be built already in the IV quarter of 2012. The volume of funds raised TPP "Polar" power of 268 MW is about 17 billion rubles., Of which 70% — is the credit of the Czech Export Bank, drawn in the form of project financing, and 30% — credit received under the guarantee of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District in the amount of 1.5 billion rubles. and equity of "Development Corporation".


PS: By 2012, the Development Corporation has reached the level of profitability. The running costs of the company, including administrative and organizational, at the expense of its income generated from the profits of the authorized activity.

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