In the Tula State Pedagogical University has opened a new swimming pool

Building on the program "500 pools for high schools" began in the Chair for them. LN Tolstoy, in May of this year. In record time, the unique building has been erected.

Every week there will be able to deal with 3,500 students and residents of Tula.

The technological equipment of the pool allows you to set strict requirements for water temperature and air. Water passes through several stages of mechanical and chemical treatment, oxygenated and requires no chlorination. Pool deck is made of special durable stainless steel. The length of each of four lanes — 25 meters. The equipment for sporting events. The project was designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, the pool is equipped with ramps and lifts.

Financing of the construction was carried out from three sources: the program of the party "United Russia" has been allocated 64 million rubles from the regional budget — 39 million, the own funds of the university amounted to 27 million, the total cost of construction, respectively, amounted to 130 million rubles.

It is assumed that in the first half of the day in the pool will take part in physical education for students TSPU them. LN Tolstoy, recreational activities for children in agreement with the regional administration. In the afternoon, the pool will be open to all people of Tula.


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