In the Tver region in the colony number 10 produce cosmic bearings

In August 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of the Moscow State Cooperation bearing plant number 2, and the colony number 10 FPS Russia in Tver region. Then, in 1982, it all started with three machines. Now the colony operates full-cycle plant. August 23 it visited General Director of "GPP-2" Vladimir Tereshchenko, head of the Tver branch plant Savikhin Alexander, head of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service in the Tver region Gennady Kazakov.

In the penal colony number 10 in the village of Metalworkers of the Kalinin district serving the period of about 1500 prisoners in the second and more criminal record. 44% of them work and earn. Get specialty prisoners may directly on the area: in school, and Brigadier method at work.

Thus, the 27-year-old Mikhail Kozlov his third three-year term that is dedicated studies. Now he’s a plumber, welder, electrician, fitter lighting networks, but while working at a local church and reading in her prayers to other prisoners.

— I have always went to church, but it was far from it, — says Mikhail. — There is after all the parishioners, but there is "zahozhane." Now it’s different.

  During his time man had worked in the shop of "GPP-2", but on the will, to which he was three months, hoping not to perish with a specialty welder — this activity is more to their liking.

  The bearing production in the colony since 1982, has steadily increased, the existing space was not enough. First, the colony was only three lathes, and already in 1996 it was decided to construct a new building. In subsequent years, plant developed at an accelerated pace. Bearing Plant survived the 1998 bailout and the economic crisis in 2008, all the while co-operation of the enterprise and the IR-10 continued.

  In recent years, the colony mastered the ball-production, organized parts of the complete bearing assembly and heat treatment of the Rings, were launched additional capacity to produce separators, turning finalizing the bearing rings and a number of die operations. In 2011 the colony gained full cycle plant on which was established on August 8 branch "Tverskaya" of "GPP-2." In the short term, planned to transfer the remaining production lines in Moscow at the base of the branch "Tver ‘.

Software production process and the release bearing engaged in more than 150 civilian employees, employed 387 convicts. Anton Petric from 08:00 to 16:00 working on a site assembly, specialty received directly in production. Of 2.5 years for possession of drugs Anton 9 months remaining to be served, he will continue to work in the factory. On his everyday life, he says with enthusiasm, and although the work is simple.

  Serviceman sanding equipment Alexei Golyzhbin factory for 3 years, starting as an apprentice, and now he teaches newcomers. 

— All my life I mess around with the iron, I and the driver and plumber. I like to do something hands, it’s interesting.

By the standards of the colony he "Millionaire": the expert of his class in the area could get about 6-7 thousand rubles. month. For intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm Alexei remained sitting 2 years and 10 months. Since the colony inmates do not spend money on that, by the time the convicts can put together a little capital. However, alimony and prigovorennyz to pay monetary compensation in the first place oblige work in penitentiaries. A large part of the earned goes to pay off debts, but 25% of the money enclosed in any case get your hands on.

  Manufacture of bearings on the Standard and special technical conditions (spetsTU) conducted on 635 pieces of equipment. Shop and warehouse facilities occupy an area of over 16 thousand square meters. m is turning automatic rifle and repair tool shops, RTI, workshops ball and a ball GOST TU, the new shop, land recycling of end of waste, packaging, thermal, warehouses, metal, etc. mobrezerva Month produces about 120 thousand bearing GOST. The priority of the issue is the bearings on spetsTU.

To date, rated industrial services Corrections Tver Region Center of labor adaptation of convicts (TSTAO) IR-10 is one of the first places. Of the total output of the colony TSTAO 81% owned by JSC "GPZ-2." Its products are in demand in the economy, including in the defense industry, aviation and space industries.


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