In the Tyumen region created a single system to provide obstetric care

March 15 in Tyumen inaugurated the new building of the regional perinatal center.   

Most of the regional program to create perinatal centers over. Network of perinatal centers in the region otstrukturirovana. The region has perinatal centers in Ishim, Tobolsk. With the opening of the Tyumen center will be inter-territorial center, which will cover the needs of Iset, Nizhnetavdinsky and Tyumen regions and the city of Tyumen.   

On five floors of obstetric hospital housed all the necessary services to provide high-tech medical care. Modern operating — here this morning has already been successfully carried out three operations. Adult and children’s intensive care unit. This is particularly important in the perinatal center successfully nursed babies who were born prematurely, one of these young patients weighed only 740 grams. Each year, the center nursed about 160 premature infants with low birth weight is critical, last year 23 of them have been weighing up to a kilogram. To date, in the children’s intensive care unit under close and strict supervision of highly skilled professionals are five kids. On the third floor of the new building housed nine individual and spacious ancestral halls.

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