In the U.S., drought — Apocalypse on the way?

Obama stands for Russian help. Striking a report prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, circulates in the walls of the Kremlin today, the Obama regime allegedly began making "sharp overtures" towards Russia that it has expanded the export of grain this year, because, as the United States faced the worst agricultural disaster in more than a quarter of a century, and possibly the largest since Dust Bowl era of the Great Depression.

Concerns about the Russian grain export ban was lifted last week after the catastrophic floods that hit the Black Sea coast of Russia and the ensuing chaos on the main road and railway to the main market for exports of grain at the port of Novorossiysk.

Further fears have increased even more after Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan announced that their aggregate wheat crop fell 22 percent to 78.9 million tons this year from 2011, the cause of winterkill and spring drought in Russia and Ukraine.

In just 2 years ago, the then Prime Minister Putin made a complete ban on grain exports, after more than a third of the arable land in Russia was destroyed due to the historic drought and forest fires.

Increasing anxiety among officials, the Obama regime, the report says, is that the U.S. president will be faced with an unprecedented rise in food prices before the election, when Americans will vote for a new leader in November, which could very well lead to his defeat, and possibly massive civil unrest.

Feed if the Obama regime his? Oostaetsya the people in question? Last week, a new report showing that the U.S. Army began training its soldiers to use deadly force against U.S. citizens and will be his jailer, zapakovyvaya mass to concentration camps if the civil uprising will happen.

Even more frightening is the new message from the United States that the Obama regime has ordered cellular companies to start watching for nearly 1.5 million American citizens and 6 July, U.S. President signed an executive order to give it to the government authority over all communications during a national crisis.

Worst drought broke out after the U.S. Ronald Reagan was president. Withers largest corn crop in the world, and the rate of injury can stimulate the Obama regime to record to a reduction in the July evaluation for domestic stocks. One of the world's major grain exporters faced with the historical rise in corn prices, further states that up to one million tons of Brazilian corn will be imported to the U.S. East Coast in the last quarter of the year, all this unprecedented action, which America has never seen before.

Since 75% of U.S. corn products are used as a key ingredient, food prices will go up in the stores, which will strengthen obrekanie Obama's chances for re-election, thus putting him in danger mode, this is noted in the report.

Worse, the report states that in the state of Texas since last year has been a massive dust storms that blow billions of tons of the most fertile agricultural land, like Dust Bowl, including the destruction of more than 500 million trees.

Historic drought conditions and rising grain prices, including in the United States has forced farmers from Wyoming to Arkansas to sell their herds in record numbers, this means that the increase in beef prices may well go up, depriving the meat at the dinner table of tens of millions of ordinary Americans.

Not to be overlooked on this farm and the apocalypse that global food prices are likely to increase in the coming months as a result of record high temperatures and drought in the corn and soybean producing regions of the United States, economists say. This is the third spike in food prices in the past five years.

Previous trips — in 2007 and 2008, and again in 2010 and 2011 — all of this will spur riots and social instability in dozens of countries around the world.

While rising prices threaten food security for the poor, experts point out that they can create excitement among consumers, even in the standard of living is increasing. University of Iowa Dermot Hayes says that it can be an irritant in China, a country with a growing middle class, but a significant social inequality. "This is a powder keg out there, it really is not homogeneous or pleasant company, as it is structured right now. Since there may be some problem. "

So, what "questions" will be faced by the American people, many of them close to the point of starvation because they can not afford expensive food.

It is known, however, that during the last U.S. agricultural apocalypse in 1930, more than 7 million people have died it is now called one of the greatest mass deaths in human history.

The study revealed the shocking genocide was carried out by Russian researcher Boris Borisov, in his article in 2008 titled "The American Famine", which used only the official U.S. documents and historical records reveal the shocking truth, but was ordered to censorship in the United States From Wikipedia, the largest in the free world Internet encyclopedia to remove it in its entirety.

How much worse would be for Americans today, it was revealed in 2008 in a report entitled "Hunger in America? Why 99% of the U.S. is on the verge of starvation, "where, in particular:

"At the turn of the 20th century, more than fifty percent of the American workforce earned their living through direct involvement in agriculture, but that number dropped to just 2% by 2000. Even more frightening is that only 0.8% of Americans are involved in the industry full time.

During the Great Depression, formerly rich executives stood in line for hours waiting in tatters over a cup of hot soup, while rural "poor", hardly noticed the depression. Survivors of depression, living in agricultural areas often joked that they were "too poor to see the stock market crash," but they were, in fact better than most urban workers is that they never go hungry. As a result, half of all Americans have access to their home-grown products were released from the horrors of the Great Depression.

Now imagine that instead of 50% of the population suffering from the disaster of the economic collapse, will 99.2% who are not engaged in farming full time. Comparing makes 1929 look like a walk in the park. Even worse, our food transportation services are now completely dependent on huge amounts of oil for transport, food and transport distances increased from tens to thousands of miles, which makes the modern produktovu network even more fragile.

All covered with a false sense of security, America has long forgotten the art of gardening, canning, keeping livestock and cooking from scratch, and the people who continue to do this is considered old-fashioned and out of date. Anyone trying to get ready and start stockpiling food called alarmist, and the vast majority of urban and suburban Americans are trying to get ready to collapse. "



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