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"Russian peacekeeper"Recently published an article by Fyodor Pavlov" Censorship is un-American. " With reference to the British edition of «The Daily Mail» author told readers about the structure of the well-known U.S. — Department of Homeland Security (Department of Homeland Security, DHS), which is part of the Cabinet of the President of the United States. The main objectives of this small ministries: protecting the United States from terrorist threats, border security, enforcement of immigration laws and responding to natural disasters. DHS was established in accordance with the Law on National Security of the United States in 2002, in turn, adopted after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

«The Daily Mail», writes the author, recently led a list of words used by the Department called for monitoring Internet sites and social networks: terrorism, dirty bomb, terrorist attack, hostage, China, Mexico, snow, pork, cloud, virus, subway , airport, and more. etc. So if an American would write to someone about what had breakfast at the airport with scrambled eggs and bacon, alert employees of DHS can take it on a pencil.

The fact that workers are not looking for the structure of the existing threats and potential. These guys get paid for the search of what, in principle, no. Here we are, Russian, condemn its officials for "drank" of the budget, for the fact that our offices tend to spend the entire budget before the penny — so that after the New Year to get financing in amounts not less (and better — in large). But what is the democratic and freedom-loving American officials, instructing the world how to live it well, better than ours?

"It is not all smooth sailing in the United States — says Fyodor Pavlov — The situation in the sphere of requests from international organizations of user's information. According to the report «Google» in the second half of 2011, the U.S. government tried to control the flow of information on the Internet is much more than the government of any other country in the world. United States received on request personal information over 6321 times (and more than 12 000 times for the whole year). Also received more than 2,000 requests for the removal of certain personal pages on the Internet. United States ranks first in the world for these indicators. The Russian government organizations, by contrast, turned to the «Google» 58 times in six months for the provision of personal data and at least 10 times to remove the content. "

Still on the list of authoritarian countries where government censorship is rampant, America can not meet. Now that America condemns China or Russia, or, say, Syria — just a lack of freedom of speech — it is clear that States must themselves would not just be a carrier of all kinds of freedoms, but also a model of freedom for the entire world goeth on still, trudging over the U.S. somewhere in the tail. But the truth is that these lists themselves and a variety of ratings freedoms are typically American organizations.

In addition to the Internet, the U.S. government totally controls the cellular communication. Article Madison Ruppert («End the Lie») provides data poluchenyee Congressman Ed Markey (Mass.), according to which the mobile phone company in 2011, responded to 1,300,000 requests received from law enforcement authorities with respect to information about subscribers. It has documented the millionth number — the sum of responses to requests from companies «AT & T», «C Spire», «Leap and Cricket», «MetroPCS», «Sprint», «T-Mobile», «TracFone», «US Cellular »and« Verizon ». They prove how widespread the practice of monitoring citizens.

Achieve publication of the data was not easy. For many years, according to Ruppert, cellular companies in the U.S. has flatly refused to provide the public with information about the frequency of requests of law enforcement.

These bodies, the journalist writes, have the right to get information from companies in different ways. They can request the information, claiming that there is an imminent threat of harm, death or accident, as well as referring to the summons and court orders.

Using mobile phones, Americans, says Ruppert, is not protected by the constitutional Fourth Amendment. Only one «AT & T» more than 100 employees working in 24/7 mode to query law enforcement.

The journalist believes that the requests are made too frequently, and that American society is yet another example of how the United States is rapidly plunged into a nightmare of Orwell.

The growth of "police state" in the United States in recent years has become so pronounced that have not heard about it only deaf. However, many Americans, according to various surveys, the data can be found on the Internet, approve actions of law enforcement agencies to find potential terrorists and criminals, despite the fact that in the course of such a search may be violated fundamental constitutional principles. Americans are frightened by TV propaganda, especially developed after the September 11 attacks, are willing to give up their personal lives to sift through a fine sieve DHS, if only in the cities was calm. However, DHS and other services were not able to save anyone from the recent phenomenon of armed to the teeth "Joker" in a movie theater …

In addition to the Department of Homeland Security, the control of the Internet in the United States is going to thoroughly take another well-known structure — the National Security Agency (NSA). The guys from the agency, in contrast to workers DHS, is not justified by the press that the search for "potential enemies", and knock out a budget for total surveillance on the Internet for every website and every user. Perhaps in times of crisis NSA pulls the blanket over the budget itself. But, maybe, it's about something bigger?

American journalist Kurt Nimmo (, for example, writes that Gen. Keith Alexander, NSA chief wants the U.S. government to centralized online and made people get used to the system, similar to traffic controlling system «EZ Pass» (transponder based on RFID chips, designed for the collection of duties on the roads, bridges and tunnels in the United States).

This summer at a computer conference in Las Vegas boss NSA quite specifically outlined the interests and aspirations of the service: "We need something similar for cybersecurity … Think of us as a« EZ Pass »on the highway." Some general explained: "When you drive down the road and cross the lane« EZ Pass », the only thing you are doing is sending a code. This system does not look in your car, do not read e-mail and does not catch everything. She just gets this code. "

This is not true. «EZ Pass» not only allows access to the highway, and we catch a bit of privacy and every passing — of course, for the sake of convenience of loading data. About this newspaper «The New York Times» wrote back in 2005. It was strange to think that an analog of such a system on the Internet will leave aside the "private."

By the way, the NSA has received an order from Bush a few months after September 11, eavesdrop on Americans and other residents of the United States, without the need for sanctions in the form of a warrant. Boss NSA K. Alexander speaks to computer scientists and programmers just under the U.S. combat cyberthreats, budget priority which was announced by Barack Obama January 3, 2012, along with the reorientation of military forces in the Asia-Pacific region. NSA, dragging over the budget crisis quilt is going to lead this fight on the home front. And in order to get ahead, not just a department monitors the network for some words, like DHS, but swings to the total network control. If Alexander's creative plans are realized, "Big Brother" in the United States will become a full reality.

In order to turn the Internet into a mass decentralized system for centralized monitoring and tracking system, writes Kurt Nimmo, "the government will hang us to deceive the threats of cyber attacks." The government and its top-secret intelligence agency, he adds, will not rest as long as the Internet and will not turn at all telecommunication system at the center of observation and tracking in real-time.

Ability to control everything in the U.S. legally (despite the contradiction of the Constitution) is secured by a number of laws and regulations, the very emergence of progressive American scholars who belong to the results of "the paranoid style of management." For example, Dr. James F. Tracy ( identified a large number of laws related to the "paranoid" — Act of 1798 on foreign enemies to the Order of the food supply (2012). The collection of Professor Tracy is, for example, authorizes the National Defense Act of 2011, which can transfer the cases of domestic terrorism investigations and interrogations, and in the hands of the military. This act allows you to remove due process, indefinitely detain anyone, including U.S. citizens. For such a hold in custody only need the approval of the U.S. government that these comrades — the terrorists. Everything is simple and it quickly. Without charge or trial. We are looking for totalitarianism in Russia? And under his nose did not look? ..

Also, Dr. Tracy reports that the notorious DHS budget in fiscal year 2011 amounted to as much as U.S. $ 98,800,000,000. However, it spent less than: 66.4 billion dollars. In the state of "office" work in 2011, 200,000 people! The scale, of course, is staggering. Not surprisingly, the NSA said the agency is serious budget competitor.

DHS, for its part, presses NSA practical approach: in the current year, the Department of Homeland Security has signed contracts for the purchase of ammunition — Tracy writes, "in an amount sufficient to eliminate the entire U.S. population." It's about delivery within 5 years, about 500 million of powerful ammunition for .40 caliber firearms.

Undoubtedly, in order to turn around as it should, a search of the word "pork" on the Internet is not enough. Yes, and one internal security monitoring is unlikely to provide. Therefore duplicate state structures mushrooming in modern America like mushrooms after the rain, in a hurry to self-sustaining cartridges. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama peaceable not enough to deny DHS in arms and ammunition.

Sensing the strong competition in the market of Homeland Security, DHS began to merge with the police apparatus of the country, and along with the Army.

U.S. journalist Mac Slavo (, translation — writes that the Department of Homeland Security and law enforcement agencies now share the largest facilities devoted to surveillance drones and hybrid observer target groups.

Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno, who recently published an article in the «Foreign Affairs» — U.S. propaganda mouthpiece, published by the Council on Foreign Relations — ready for a lot: "If necessary, we also employ force conscripts, especially those elements who have niche skills and appropriate equipment for the civil authorities of a wide range of reliable and rapid response options. "

It turns out that the U.S. has developed a hybrid of the army and police, which hovers over the image of controlling the "Big Brother" on behalf of DHS. One only sheriff in his small district of any citizen suspected of something, for example, that it "threatens the security," and that he, the sheriff, this potential (not real) the offender is not on the shoulder, he said, the sheriff, can cause the army — and its "rapid response" will eliminate the problem. Justifies the intervention of army units, Mr. Odierno obereganiem homeland "from the inside of the disaster," to which he refers, "rebellion" and terrorism.

James Petras and RI abaya ( argue that one of the most significant political events in recent U.S. history was previously unheard of increased police state, characterized by a huge expansion of police powers in the executive, the extraordinary growth of the entire arsenal of repressive bodies hundreds of thousands of their employees, a giant open and secretive budget and the scale of public policing, a leading monitor of more than 40 (!) millions of U.S. citizens.

In this case, unfortunately, freedom-loving opposition in America almost faded. In this article the authors see the main difference between the current America from the former, characterized by a broad democratic movement from the middle to the end of XX century.

The growing police state apparatus — a certainty. You just have to see, write the authors, published in the personnel records, the huge budgets and dozens of institutions engaged in domestic spying against tens of millions of American citizens. The scope and depth of action of the police state, continue journalists have already reached arbitrary detentions and interrogations, seizures and blacklisting of hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens.

But the mass protests against the whole it is not. In the U.S., there are only a single courageous voice, crying about "civil liberties".

In exercising its supervisory activities, the state picks everywhere in search of the so-called "potential terrorists." In the center of searches include immigrants and citizens of Arab and Persian countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan, people of Somali origin and American Muslims. Mosques, Islamic charities and foundations in the U.S. are under constant surveillance. The second main group, which focuses its activities in a police state, composed of African Americans, Latinos and immigranatov human rights defenders. People of this "circle", as well as from the first, may be subjected to random "sweeps", raids, and they can also be indefinitely detained — without charge or trial. Also applied to them such an effective means of influencing how indiscriminate deportation.

"Outer circle" of state suspicion includes the social, civic, religious and trade union leaders and activists, who in the course of their activities interact with the "inner circle" or at least express their support. People from the "outer circle", too, are victims of police state that violates the rules of procedure.

Described three "circle" — the central goal of the current police state, including more than 40 million U.S. citizens and immigrants who have not committed, among other things, any crimes.

Add to this that the described "circles of hell" are not only a well-established pattern of observation and control of those who are "potentially" is able to deviate from the law-abiding behavior in the United States, but also a model in which a democratic America with internal enemies must be found to justify the very existence of the various departments and agencies such as DHS, NSA, CIA, and others, not to mention the machine itself grows stronger police state.

Today, the American state slightest reason enough to bring out another "potential" enemy and send him as "controllers".

For example, the other day, Alex Jones, the owner and host of the popular site «Infowars», found that DHS monitors its website and related sites at the same time, as far back as in 2009. What was the reason for the monitoring? As pointed out by Paul Joseph Watson, author of «Infowars», the authorities took up the site because Jones called on citizens to report on manifestations of "police state" — in response to the program DHS, convincing people to report "suspicious activity" to the authorities (ie is, quite simply, the "knock" on the "enemies of the people"). In addition, the Department of Homeland Security did not like that conducted site «Infowars» campaign has been based on the use of the symbol «V», means, in its time coming "victory" of the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation in World War II. In the DHS decided that this letter … is taken from the movie «V» for Vendetta. "

That's it. In the U.S., it is now no longer suspicious of words, but letters!


Taking care of the security of the state — at first glance, the net benefit to the public. The cartridges are purchased to shoot lawbreakers Internet "shine" in order to find those individuals who suspect frequents the airport and says the word "pork", cell phones are bugged, too, not because the police suspected his wife of John, a housewife Sarah, in the love of neighbor, firefighter Sam. Soon the "Big Brother" will climb through providers in each computer — and also not to penetrate the privacy of users. No, God forbid: NSA, like the CIA, the FBI and DHS, will be looking for criminals, especially the "potential" in order to prevent the crimes they deliberately conceived in advance imprisoning suspected villain in Guantanamo. And to seek and find those was easier secret agency will use the proven scheme "circles of hell". With good intentions. American citizens, on each of which the state has in store for the pool, can sleep peacefully.

Comrades Americans! Remember that good intentions pave the road to hell.

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