In the Ulyanovsk region in Russia opened a second nanotcenter

The total budget of the project is 1.3 billion rubles, including co-financing in the amount of RUSNANO 0.8 billion rubles. Investors in the project were also made of "Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation", JSC "State Scientific Center — Research Institute of Atomic Reactors" and ZAO "Simbirskaya casting company."

Ulyanovsk nanotcenter — the second of the 11 opened in Russia objects of this kind. Nanocenter complex located in the industrial zone of "Volga" and covers an area of about six thousand square meters.

  • One of the projects of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter - "Flexible insulating plaster."
  • One of the projects of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter — "Flexible insulating plaster."

The main objective of the center is to support technology entrepreneurs in the early stages: the search for breakthrough technologies, the creation of start-ups, which will deal with the introduction of a new product on the market (marketing), expertise and consulting, lease specialized technological and analytical equipment.  At the end of June 2013 the Board of Directors of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter already approved 28 projects in areas that are specialized centers (automotive, construction and aviation), and in the field of medicine and biotechnology. In addition, the active elaboration of the team is of the order of 40 projects and development activities.

It is assumed that in the long term as part of the Ulyanovsk nanotechnology center will be launched 96 startups. Nanocenters and design companies will create about 7,500 jobs with wages above the average for the region. Tax effect of activity nanocenter and engineering companies to reach 3.6 billion, almost 60% of which will go to the regional budget.

From the point of view of design and construction, Ulyanovsk nanotcenter is a complex engineering object, which combines both occupancy startups in offices, work in laboratory buildings and the creation of pilot production, one of which housed a subsidiary of nanotechnology center "SPE" Metal Composite "product manufacturing composite materials and aluminum alloy molding. Building completely accompanied by an engineering service corporation of the region that performed the function of the customer.

In the Nanotechnology Center located fitted with equipment research laboratories: the molecular genetic diagnosis of water-dispersed materials, high-strength concrete and structural materials, functional thin film coatings that allow for a complete analysis of the structure of any material and create new ones. Innovative companies may use this equipment in the design of the materials, and in the creation of the technological chain of production. As a result, the costs of commercializing new developments are reduced tenfold, because companies do not need to create their own laboratory facilities are under development.

Sergey Morozov and Anatoly Chubais, a tour of the new center, during which familiarized with promising developments in the field of nanotechnology, including samples of products from nanostructured glass used in automated rapid isolation and purification of biopolymers. The new method significantly speeds (up to 2 minutes), and simplifies the analysis of biopolymers (DNA, RNA, proteins and peptides).

During the presentation of an agreement on a project to create a distributed platform for applying multi-film coatings on various materials. Document was signed by a senior vice president of "Intermolekula" Craig Hunter, CEO of the Ulyanovsk nanocenter Andrew Redkin, chief investment officer of the Republic of Mordovia Dmitry Krahin, CEO nanocenter "Dubna" Alex Gostomelsky.

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