In the Urals began trial operation of the locomotive with innovative bearings

Bryansk Engineering Works passed to the pilot operation TEM18DM shunting locomotive number 581, which for the first time in the Russian practice of shunting teplovozostroeniya equipped with traction motors with motor-axial bearings (MOS) rolling domestically produced.


The use of motor-axial bearings instead of plain bearings is a priority for the development of domestic teplovozostroeniya as for newly built locomotives and to upgrade service fleet of locomotives of "Russian Railways". The use of MOSFET reduces rolling resistance to the movement of the locomotive, which leads to higher efficiency and higher power for traction. Exception constant maintenance of motor-axle bearings significantly reduces operating costs for maintenance and repair of this unit locomotive.

Design life MOS rolling is more than 5 million kilometers, while providing much higher reliability of the node of the locomotive. The first inspection of the MOS is defined in the rolling 18 months of operation of the locomotive with the addition of lubricant in the bearings. Complete replacement of lubricant is provided on the current repair TP3 after 36 months of operation.

Operation of locomotives 2TE25A, wheel sets are equipped with axial roller bearings, confirmed that they are more convenient to operate and maintain.

Trial operation of the locomotive TEM18DM number 581 with new bearings will be held throughout the year in an operational locomotive depot station Sverdlovsk-Passenger.

Based on the results of trial operation of the locomotive, will be determined by the actual technical and economic effect of the use in the operation of the MOS rolling, and JSC "Russian Railways" will make a decision about a serial implementation of the motor-axial bearings on the newly built locomotives and TEM18DM 2TE116U. At the same time would be considered upgrading service fleet of locomotives types TEM18, M62, TE10 and 2TE116 using MOS rolling.

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