In the Urals, resumed commercial production of emeralds

The factory in the village of Malyshev earned after 15 years of inactivity. Today it is the only enterprise in Russia for commercial production of emeralds.  

SUE "Kaliningrad Amber Factory" has commissioned a plant at izumrudoizvlekatelnuyu Malyshevskoye field (Sverdlovsk region), the director of the company "Malyshevo" (SUE created to restore mine) Valery Ustinov.

"Kaliningrad Amber Factory" December 2, 2011 began production of emeralds on Malyshevskoye field. PMU is planning to invest in the development of the field 2.5 billion rubles.

2.5 months of work (from December 2011 to mid-February 2012) produced about 9 thousand izumrudosoderzhaschey ore. A total of 2012 is expected to produce about 100 tons of ore, of which it is supposed to remove about 300 kg of emeralds. Investments in the current year will be about 200 million rubles.

SUE plans in 2018 to bring the mine to full capacity — 400 thousand tons of ore per year.

In May 2011, the Government of the Russian Federation in the competition ordered the transfer of SUE "Kaliningrad Amber Factory" license for subsoil use Malyshevskoe deposits of emeralds.

Since 2008, the plant received a short-term license Malyshevskoe field, but in August 2010 Rosnedra denied a new permit due to the fact that the company did not start production. However, management of PMU has stated that production began in May 2010. By the time a mining stock, there were about 15 kg of emeralds.

Malyshev emerald deposit is the largest in Eurasia, and has the status of the deposit of federal significance. Balance reserves of raw emerald-up of C1 — 32 thousand 614.1 kg, C2 — 23.803 thousand kg of beryllium oxide in category C1 — 6,863 tonnes of C2 — 8,873 tons. Off-balance sheet reserves of beryllium oxide is 378 tons, cesium — 2 333.6 thousand tons of lithium — 10 250.1 thousand tons, rubidium — 11 379.7 thousand tons.


As the Director of OP "Malyshev" Valery Ustinov, on March 26, 2012 izumrudoizvlekatelnaya factory has been operating in one shift, but in the next two months will enter the two-shift operation.

Mining of ore izumrudosoderzhaschey Malyshevskoye mine was suspended in 1996 and resumed in December 2011.

During the Soviet period the main product Malyshevskoe beryllium mine group was used in the defense industry. Today, the issue of processing of this substance has not been resolved, so long as beryllium concentrate is simply stored.






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