In the village Gorbunki (Leningrad region) built a sports complex with a swimming pool

The federal program, with the participation of the federal and regional budgets in the Lomonosov district decided to build on the base of University. Pushkin’s sports complex with swimming pool. The project was implemented in less than 1.5 years from the date of the decision.

Sports complex has a gym and swimming pool. As the director of the branch of the Leningrad State University. Alexander Pushkin in Gorbunki Anatoly Jobbers, a new swimming pool, built on modern technologies, will be open not only to students of the university, but also for students. "Once a week, they will be able to use the pool for free," — he explained.

Also door sports complex will be open to all residents of the village and surrounding communities who wish to learn how to swim or just relax. Modern equipment allows for use of the pool by people with disabilities.

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