In the village. Ilovka (Belgorod region), opened a factory for the production of sugar beet seeds

February 28 in the village of Alexis Ilovka district opened a plant for the production of sugar beet seeds. This plant — a joint project of the Belgian company "SESVANDERHAVE" and Voronezh group of companies "Agrotech-guarantor".

The bulk of the sugar beet seeds, which are used in the sugar beet industry in the region, and across the country, import selection. Since the opening of this plant provides additional opportunities for local farmers primarily to reduce the cost of seeds. And for the residents of the district Alexis is also an additional 60 jobs.

The projected cost of the plant with a complete cycle of preparation of beet seed is about 10 million euros. To date, the cost of building and equipping only the most modern equipment amounted to about 8,000,000. So far, all the raw materials here in 2012 will come from Europe. At the same time, right now is preparing for the fact that the entire cycle of seed production will be concentrated on the territory of Russia. Currently the plant is in commissioning, but there are first cultivated 20,000 units, sales of which have already been contracted.

Whereas the total design capacity of the plant is 350,000 units sowing of sugar beet seeds. This volume of the plant due out later in the planting season of 2013.


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