In the village Maina (Republic of Khakassia) Refurbished hospital opens

After overhaul hospital opened on February 1, located in the village of Maina Republic of Khakassia. For 42 years the medical establishment overhauled for the first time. Repair works were three months. Builders had to literally re-restore the building. Who are the final preparations for the opening of the maternity ward, which will now be able to receive up to 56 women in childbirth.

In addition, in the maternity ward there were individual delivery rooms in which the process of the birth of the baby can follow his father. In addition to repair purchased and expensive equipment, which should improve the quality of medical services.

New modern equipment will allow experts to create a maternity ward for babies who were born, the most comfortable conditions of the first days of life. Infant Incubator is designed to monitor the health of the fetus and nursing of prematurity, low birthweight and, in serious condition to children. Established in labor rooms and the office of functional diagnostics fetal heart monitors are designed to measure fetal heart rate, intrauterine fetal assessment, diagnosis of its development.



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