In the village. Maksatikha Tver Region opened the plant for the production of wood pellets

February 16 in the village. Maksatikha Tver region, the official opening of the Fuel Technology Corporation (Totec) plant "Agricultural Services" for the production of wood pellets pellets.

The founder of Totec Michael Brikin said that the beginning of the creation of a large complex for the production of pellets, allowing a run, create more than 300 jobs.

The plant launched the first line of wholesale packing wood pellets pellets, which allowed to take in the production process 30 professionals working in one shift.

"Laid down a new point for economic growth and development of bioenergy in Maksatihinsky area. In the future, we plan to launch another line for the production of peat briquettes " -Michael shared his plans Brikin — Project Manager Totec.

Wood pellets are pellets will be the main products of the plant "Agricultural Services" and will be produced under the brand name "Totec." Granules of its quality characteristics are fully compliant with European standard DIN 51731. The company is certified DIN 51731:1996-10. The volume of production in the first phase will be 1,100 tons per month, increasing to 2,800 tons.

Construction of the plant began corporation "Totec" in February 2008, the company is equipped with the most advanced production lines and equipment. Quality control will be carried out laboratory specialists of CJSC "SGS".

In 2011, the plant produced more than 15,000 tons of wood pellets pellets "Totec." At full capacity, the plant is due out in May 2011

Ltd. "Agricultural Services" Totec corporation specializes in the production of wood fuel pellets. To date, the company has a wide range of business. In the first place, specializing in equipment installation and commissioning of equipment for the production of fuel pellets. Development and design of automatic control systems (ACS) and the control of power equipment — another area of activity. In the near future corporate Totec construction of similar plants for the production of pellets in the "Golden Ring" of Russia.

Today, one of the largest renewable energy is biofuels. Pellets — the main product in this market.

It is expected that the production of the plant, "Agricultural Services" company Totec will come to Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg, as well as in other regions of Russia and near abroad.

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