In the village Medvedki Demidov Smolensk region opened livestock complex

July 25. The renovated farm brought 200 black-and-white Holstein cows. European beauties favorably perceived and spacious rooms, and hard work of Smolensk livestock. Three years ago, everything was ruined. At the opening of the livestock complex demidovtsy invited the governor of the Smolensk region.



Near the new farm Demidovtsy showed photos of the former governor of desolation. Three years ago, they managed to convince the regional authorities to help revive the municipal economy. Then, very few people believed. Olga Domnina while she studied at the Agricultural Academy, was eager to return to their homes, but there was nowhere to run.


Olga Domnina, veterinarian: "I came here, there was no walls, no roof. Very quickly, all done. "

Vysokoporodnyh bought cows and the Smolensk region and abroad. In September, will bring another 150 heads of cattle to the reception room ready. The farm has all the conditions, there is the milk, tanks — coolers, so there will be quality milk. But most importantly, people got the farm work. Surrounding villages come alive.

Sergei Antufiev, Governor of the Smolensk region, "Today, we are already talking about the fact that it employs 160 people. And the cattle purchased elite, are records. We are talking about six — seven thousand liters of milk per cow. This is good news. "

The main concern of farmers now — plenty and well-fed cattle breeding and to ensure the cows and calves in hearty winter. A swing of harvesting silage. The governor visited and haymaking. Technique is basically an old, repaired her world. Vladimir Doudkin working as a mechanic 30 years, recently saw the first modern forage harvester, which was bought with the help of state subsidies. And now hopes to learn a new technique.

Vladimir Doudkin, mechanic: "I have been working on the mower, which is 25 years. All breaks, and should at least mow slowly. My dream, of course, to work in the cab with air conditioning, so as not to burn in the Sahara. "

And on the farm that day there was another important event. The foreign earned first-born cow. Calf local milkmaid named Pan.

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