In the village of Chatou (Chechnya) opened a garment factory

Knitting, sewing factory has already started production of various clothes. Now it employs about 20 women, and there are plans to equip staff to 200 employees.

  • photo Vladimir Anosov, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"
  • photo Vladimir Anosov, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

The company is situated in a picturesque location — surrounded by mountains and dense forests. The patio is very comfortable, all paved with red tiles, a flowered. In the factory, two sewing workshops, but there is only one. When the correspondent "RG" went into a spacious bright room, they saw two dozen women huddled over typewriters. Come to one of the masters.

— Malik Oznieva Barzoi of the village — she introduced herself. Malik 44 years old, she has four children, my husband is not. — I used a little sewing, skills are available. But for a long time sat at home without work, so we have to re-learn. Our village has no job, lived with the children on the benefits and pensions of parents, well, that even a vegetable garden. I am very pleased that the factory opened, promise to pay wages on time. From our village there are three women found jobs.

— Only production run. It was opened specifically for unemployed women Shatojskii region — the director of the enterprise Rizwan Hadzhaev. — Come and very young girls right after school, and pensioners. Accept all, if only there was a desire to work. Those who do not know how to sew, teach on the spot. When running at full capacity, I think that the minimum wage will be seven or eight thousand, and then it all depends on output, as a seamstress piecework wages.

Rizwan Hadzhaev leads us to the warehouse and shows ready to implement the things made by hands of local craftswomen: underwear, overalls, gowns, clothing for medical staff of hospitals, the form for employees MVD, costumes for men and dresses for women are strict.

— Beautiful colors, high-quality material, pure cotton, — director praises the product. — Threads purchased in Ivanovo, the material — in Pyatigorsk.

Products Shatoi factory, sure there will be great demand in the country. After all, in the same Muslim costumes worn almost the entire male population of Chechnya, especially on Fridays, when all massively go to the mosque. National costume consists of a light non-marking large untucked shirt without a collar, with buttons to the top, and pants. It is convenient to perform religious rites. A national women’s dresses on the floor, on the contrary, saturated colors (maroon, dark blue), with a sleeve of three quarters and a small cut. Styles to meet the local mentality, the factory develop themselves. We gazed at the clothes: indeed, unusual and beautiful.

— We will set prices with the expectation of buyers middle class — his plans Hadzhaev. — For example, in a men’s store is set by the five thousand, and there are ten, but we will be selling their costumes by 2.5-3 thousand. It’s a little above cost, but not so much that product was not available to most. We plan to go out with the Muslim clothing and the markets of neighboring regions of the North Caucasus

Another local pride — equipment. The plant has acquired Japanese shestichelnochny apparatus "Beetle", which itself embroiders, and any image, up to photos, will take on the material. However, until the "Beetle" is not the case: no specialists in the area to work on it. Dvuhchelnochny machine is idle, too. When they find suitable staff, this equipment will produce different hats and accessories  

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