In the village of Krasnozerskoe (Novosibirsk region) built a bridge crossing

The new bridge over the Karasuk replace the old pedestrian bridge, the further operation of which was considered impossible because of the emergency state of the object.

The bridge has a length of 81 meters It is made of metal, a pedestrian bridge crossing the wooden decking and covered with a protective impregnation, the press service of the Government of the Novosibirsk region.

The cost of a pedestrian bridge over $ 5.3 million. Construction was carried out in co-financing from the regional budget and the administration of the camp Krasnozerskoe.

As explained in the regional Ministry of Transport, the construction of this facility is of great social importance for the inhabitants of the camp. It provides pedestrian access to the administrative center of the municipality, as well as health and community facilities, located in the right-bank part of the settlement, for the residents of the left bank of the industrial community Krasnozerskoe.

In 2011, as grants to municipalities of the repair and construction of artificial structures belonging to the community from the regional budget allocated almost 260 million rubles. Overall, the budget of 2011 in grants for 117 municipalities on various road infrastructure provided a total of more than 622 million rubles.

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