In the village of New Bikmurzin (Rep. Chuvashia) opened a family farm with 200 head of dairy cattle

Dec. 19 in the village of New Bikmurzin Chuvash Republic was the opening of a family dairy farm Atlaskinyh 200 head of dairy cattle.

CK Atlaskina participated in the competition for the selection of the peasant (farm) to provide grants for reimbursement of expenses in the form of a grant for the development of family livestock farms. The number of cattle through government support has been increased to 256 heads.

The total estimated cost of the project is 36 million, of which about 9,000,000 rubles received from the funds of state, 15 million rubles — from credit resources RAB. The loan payment is made services contractors, purchased and installed the milking equipment, milk, feed mill plant, feed the machine and conveyors. The new equipment has allowed this year to improve the quality of milk and sell it at a higher price.


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