In the village of Nizhny Novgorod opened Chaglava breeding complex for 600 cows

The grand opening of the first stage of the high-tech breeding complex for the production of milk SEC "Zhdanov" was held in d.Chaglava Kstovsky district on October 19.

The complex was designed in August 2010, in May 2011, construction began. At full capacity of the complex will produce up to 40-48 tons of milk daily. Management also plans to annually sell up to 300 head of breeding stock. All of this will lead selection and breeding work at a high level, to raise the level of economic efficiency.

  • cattle-breeding complex for 1,000 head of SEC "Zhdanov" (opened in 2007)

During the construction of the complex were used the most modern world-class technologies. The complex is equipped with a milking parlor "Evroparallel" having high capacity and excellent performance. Livestock enterprise will provide year-content 600 cows of black-white breed.

Construction work performed, LLC "VolgaSetStroy." The cost of the project amounted to 255.4 million rubles.

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