In the village of Onguren Irkutsk region. began a trial run of a new power plant

— Solar panels, wind turbines and a diesel generator. The uniqueness of this plant is that all of its systems work automatically, providing settlement Onguren electricity 15 hours a day.

70 kilometers of off-road mountain passes that break off into the lake. When Olkhon district pulled power lines, electrification of the village Onguren considered economically justified. And besides, even illegal — around the territory of the Baikal National Park. Construction outside the settlements is prohibited. In 2011, the regional government decided to create a Ongurene largest solar power plant with a capacity of 100 kilowatts. Installation work began last summer. They are now in the final stage. How effective will the pilot project did not even know the builders. It depends on the weather conditions and the quality of the component parts.

— Locals worry — they have up to two meters of snow. And how will the battery itself lead when their snow will fall asleep and when the wind … This sail panels.
Today, builders solemn day. At dawn, they rush to the power plant. Be the first trial run. 2 hours after sunrise solar panels are ready to supply the village with electricity. 
— At the moment, the load on the battery is two and a half kilowatt. Since the intensity of the sun a little more, the power of the impact is small. The maximum it will be closer to the dinner.
With the advent of electricity in Ongurene life was transformed. Yesterday vodokolonka included only in the evening, when the diesel generator. Now you do not need to stock up with water. Builders immediately began to sheathe frame boards. The main building of the village will look like new.
The first to appreciate the blessings of civilization teachers, staff and administration of mail. Usually at 8pm they have to go to work. At that time included a diesel generator — you can type on the computer, send documents via the Internet. Today is the first lesson in the school of computer science is conducted in the middle of the day.
— Let’s hope that now we can all do in the afternoon. Probably, we will begin to purchase household appliances. Starting with the same refrigerators — says math teacher Antonida Bitheeva.
The test run showed — in the midst of the day solar panels and wind turbines provide electricity output of 25 kilowatts. In late September, will establish a new diesel generator. At the station it will produce twice as much energy. And in 2013, when the construction of the complex is fully completed, the village will provide energy to the fullest.

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