In the village of package tour or Farmhouse in Smolenski

In our region, to open the first Agriturismo. The correspondent of "ER" tried to figure out whether the rural tourism in the Smolensk future.
The Europeans there is a marvelous traditional fun — to buy a ticket to the village and completely immersed in village life — to work on the hacienda and care for pets. In Russia such entertainment as long as the area of know-how. The target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Smolensk region 2010 — 2012 years" defined rural tourism as a priority in our region.
Walking as Radziwill
At the village Miroedovo Krasninsky district has recently bylostavit can cross. In 2007, there has not been a single person, the only street suddenly empty, so nursing was fit to hang signs, as in the Buttermilk: "House of free, who want to live." Most likely, the town will soon be abolished as unnecessary, and in some years no one would have remembered that Miroedovo do exist. But a couple of years ago it decided to build the first farmsteads in the Smolensk region. Now Miroedove can live in rooms with a rustic minimalism and enjoy all the pleasures and hardships of farming. Although it is not forbidden to dine at a local restaurant where the bar is stylized under a pile of stones, and instead of kegs of beer — a samovar of tea. Of all that grows here, tourists can order or prepare their own food. Sausage, milk, eggs, corn, potatoes, vegetables and even vodka "Miroedovka" …
And what’s not fun — shear a sheep or goat milk, feed the guinea fowl or try to "find common ground" with malicious turkeys? Those who like to tinker with the ground — a vegetable garden. Would you like extreme sports? Go to the night safari hunting transport — fatten hogs. By the way, they eat almost like people — potatoes and corn. Only portions at local wild pigs more — 3 — 4 cans a day.
— In the old days so chudili Radziwill, whose possessions were in neighboring Belarus. Lord came to the village, took off their crinolines and costumes, dressed in peasant clothes and servile dress and went to milk the cows with farmers to help them on the farm, — says the correspondent of "ER" Ondoy tour of the travel companies Irina Evdaseva. — Now rural tourism in European countries takes the second place after a rest at the seaside. It contributes to the development of "fashion" for environmentally friendly products — without pesticides and nitrates. Another question — whether rural tourism demand in the Smolensk region. After all, our region is, in fact, still remains a rustic edge. Almost every family has a cottage or house in the village. What can attract Smolensk in rural tourism? Animals? But once they have run away from her in the city. On the other hand, Smolensk happy to travel to Belarus farmsteads. In Dudutki near Minsk I can not take my crowd of tourists from pigs, which run around ten little piggies, and they come in Korobchitsy puppy dog enthusiasm of communicating with horses!
By the way
The cost is estimated at prozhivaniyav argofarmsteads 500-1000 rubles per day
Tonsured a sheep? Get the money!
Indeed, it is hard to imagine that I am a resident of the city, otpahat like Dad Carlo beloved country, went to rest in the village to dig beds and pay more for etodengi … In Miroedove still think about it: it is possible that for the help with the farm work in the tourist would not take the money, but on the contrary, will make allowances for the permit or offer free accommodation.
— In Russia, agrotourism well developed in the south and the north. Leaders in the industry — Astrakhan, Irkutsk and Krasnodar region. Smolensk region, sadly, still an outsider — sums up the candidate of geographical sciences, head of the Laboratory of tourist-recreational Studies SSU Mikhail Evdokimov. — Problems in this area is quite predictable: bad roads, off-season and the lack of manpower. But rural tourism rich future, because now growing generation that does not know what the village sincerely believes that the bread "grow on trees", and never saw the live cattle and pigs.

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