In the village of Seleznevo (Leningrad region). Nearing completion of a new building FAP

In the village of Seleznevo Vyborg district of Leningrad region is close to completion the construction of a new building obstetric points.


To date, completed the construction of masonry, let down and connected heating, suitable for the completion of work on the roof, commissioned a diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted electricity to the building. Leading the way — finishing facilities. All the works, according to Deputy Director of "Customer Service" Oleg Ivannikova must be completed before December 31.

For several years Poselkovaya clinic is located in the premises of the kindergarten two general practitioners, nurses, dental surgery and day hospital. But as in the Vyborg district acute problem with places in kindergartens (only Seleznevo waiting for their turn in the garden for more than 75 kids), it was decided to release their premises.

According to the regional social program of rural development Vyborg district allocated 15 million rubles for the construction of a new building in the FAP Seleznevo. Means the area of more than 8 million rubles transferred an additional network connection electrical, heating, plumbing, drainage and landscaping of the adjacent territory. According to the project near the medical facility will be a children’s playground and parking lot. At the entrance ramps are provided for people with disabilities.

It tells the head of the district health department Natalia Dubrovin, on its own building village health workers have long dreamed of:
— The good news is that the project of the new FAP, on the second floor of the building, there are two service apartments for physicians.

According to the chief of staff Sergei Nechunaeva Seleznevskaya settlement, when moving ambulance settlement solves two problems at once: with proper medical station and a kindergarten "Merry trickle."

— My dream is about to be realized: the central settlement of our settlements will separate kindergarten building and FAP. This is made possible by the decision of the head of the district administration of Constantine Patraeva to build medical and obstetric center is in our settlement at the time, the problem with health care is available in several communities of the district. And more good news — at a recent meeting of the Regional Council of Deputies decided to allocate funds for the reconstruction of our kindergarten. In the liberated areas to make repairs and place there are two additional groups. Thus, the problem of queuing to kindergarten Seleznevskaya settlement resolved.

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