In the village of Tau (Republic of Bashkortostan) opened the village school


While the country is optimization, small schools are closed, in the village of Tau built building, designed by only 10 children. Gnaw granite science at the new school will be primary school pupils. Now they do not have to drive over 8 kilometers to the neighboring village.

Previously, the village had its own school. But at the beginning of the school year, the building burned down. The villagers were afraid that it will not recover, but just 3 months school was built from the ground up. Funds were allocated from the national budget.

Tau Village — it is the last point on the map Iglinskiy district. From then on begins Chelyabinsk region. Despite the remoteness of the village from the district center, its population is 110 persons, 30 of them — children of preschool age. Therefore, it was decided to build a new school on the site of the old burnt. According to local authorities, the birth rate in rural areas is increasing, it becomes more large families, which means that the school will not be empty.

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