In the village. Ozernovskiy Kamchatka opened a school for 225 seats

New Modern School opened in the village of Ust-Ozernovskiy Bolsheretsk area on the west coast of Kamchatka.

Construction began in the fall of 2011. The site where the school is located — a 10-points and the building is designed for 10 points: light panel and a solid metal frame.

The school has a large, modern, fully equipped with all the necessary equipment diner. Equipped workshops for boys and girls with all the machines. There are equipped gym with changing rooms and showers. There is a large modern auditorium.

The school is equipped with modern appliances — the offices are one-piece computer with wireless keyboard and mouse. All rooms are equipped with new furniture and desks in each office a LCD television, multimedia projector, screen, wash basin with water. In the study of physics to each batch of electricity, in the study of chemistry — water.

On school grounds is a playground for the elementary school, garden furniture, playground with rubber coating for exercising outdoors.


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