In the village. Pervomaiskii (Moscow region). Opened a modern refrigeration terminal

March 30 in the village of May Day, where he built a warehouse, officially commissioned the first phase of the project, which invested about 600 million rubles.

Refrigeration terminal is a two cameras, designed for storage 7200 tons, subject to the most stringent standards imposed on companies of this type in Russia and abroad. Technical capabilities allow the cells to maintain the temperature to -25aboutC. In developing the project, special attention was paid to the reliability of cooling system — design decision suggests that, even in case of failure of one of the parts of the system will continue to operate.

In the future, "Pervomay cold storage facility" will be not only to store products in frozen mode, the second phase of the project involves the opening production of finished products from meat and fish, up to 10 tons per day.

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