In the village. Reasonable (Belgorod region). Commissioned processing complex oil waste

May 15, near the village Reasonable Belgorod region was the start of work of the new processing plant waste oil company "Belnafta" on the basis of the cracker ITER 200 HYDRO.

Fired plant is the first of innovative industrial technology, which is implemented by "Belnafta" within the framework of a project to create innovative Belgorod area of new energy technologies (BIPNET).

Here, from the used motor, industrial and other oils will be a modern energy-efficient fuel.

According to the chairman of the board Vladimir Shchukin, setting has no world analogues in the field of industrial refining. Setting Cracking ITER 200 HYDRO designed to process 200,000 tons of incoming raw materials a year and is scheduled to reach full capacity in December this year.

In the future, the company "Belnafta" plans to implement a number of breakthrough technologies in the field of alternative energy: of pilot plants to clean up contaminated water, natural gas processing into liquid fuel, to obtain biodiesel from vegetable oils and synthetic crude oil from microalgae.

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