In the village. Smolino (Ukraine) started construction of a plant for the production of nuclear fuel

September 9, work began on the construction site of the plant for the production of nuclear fuel in the village Smolino Kirovograd region.

Construction is scheduled for completion by 2015, at full capacity it will be released by 2020. It is expected that the company will produce between 800 thermal assemblies per year, providing a 100% all nuclear power units with VVER-1000 fuel local production.

The project is implemented by the joint Russian-Ukrainian venture plant to produce nuclear fuel, the fuel created by fuel elements (RF) and the Ukrainian state concern Nuclear Fuel (owns 50% + 1 share).

In the feasibility study for construction of the plant total estimated cost of the project is designated to 2.36 billion hryvnia. A further 1.1 billion hryvnia will go to the purchase of nuclear fuel production technology.

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