In the villages of Kamchatka installing new diesel generators

village Ayanka


"Southern Electric Networks of Kamchatka" establish modern English diesels instead of morally and physically obsolete diesel generator sets of the late 70-ies in the villages Talovka Ayanka, Slautnoe and Guy Penzhinsk district.

Three generators have been installed and are in the process of commissioning in the village Talovka, three — in the village Ayanka — one in the guy. As soon as the winter road will rise, two diesel engines will be delivered and installed in the village Slautnom.

In each village will work on three plants — two in operation, one in reserve. Power plants — from 25-to 270-minute kilowatts. This is less than the old diesel generators, but corresponds to the current needs of users, considering the load in the summer is reduced by 3-4 times.Energy company is a tenant of diesel power plants in these villages, so the bulk of the cost of financing the project, as the owner, took over the administration Penzhinsk district.

Diesel Generator Set «CUMMINS» well established in the climatic conditions of Yakutia. And as the climate similar to the climate of Yakutia king of the north, the management of "YUESK", studied the experience of colleagues of "Sakhaenergo", decided to buy the same diesel engines for villages Penzhinsk district. Modern installations safer, more economical and have a greater turnaround time. In addition, they cause less damage to the environment by reducing harmful emissions.

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