In the villages of the Kaliningrad region build new medical and obstetric stations

30 new obstetric stations will be built in 3 years in the Kaliningrad region, said this regional governor Nikolai Cukanov at the opening of a new medical clinic in the village. Lublin Svetlovsky urban district.

Towards a new clinic attached more than 2 million people, including about 300 children. It is planned to organize a GP services, prepared two paramedic and one dentist. Once a week in the village. Lublin will take pediatrician. The building is equipped — therapeutic, dental, treatment, and other offices. Here you can do an electrocardiogram. Planned opening of the laboratory tests for the reception and a pharmacy. 

February 1 new FAP was opened in the village. Morgunov Guriev district of the Kaliningrad region.


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