In the villages of the Murmansk region continues modernization of street



Problems with lighting in this village, there are a lot of decades. Residents have complained about the lack of light in whole neighborhoods, which is why there is increased street crime and the number of injured. Children go to school at all with flashlights! The old government did not solve the problem for years, but with the arrival of new leaders in the village started this upgrade the entire lighting system.

— Contractor has already replaced the 151 and 272 pole lamp, as well as 4,000 meters of cable. This month will be done half of the planned work. New lights increase the coverage area and brightness, — says the head of the administration Nickel Andrey Ponomarev.

To replace street lights, the municipality was able to raise the necessary funds. For example, last year the federal, regional and district budgets settlement has received more than 25 million rubles. And another 6 million invested investor from St. Petersburg — "Energy Efficiency Center INTER RAO UES". Since it was first signed in Murmansk energy service contracts.

— Under the contract, the investment should pay for itself in 3-4 years. This will come at the expense due to the resulting savings, — the representative of the investor Evgeny Zhukov.

Of course, besides taking care of the comfort of nikelchan, the authorities want to save on electricity costs. LED lamps have less power, but burn brighter. Even recently replaced 272 lights have helped save millions of rubles! For a small town it’s a serious amount, approximately 10% of revenue. The money saved Nickel authorities are going to replace the automatic light control. This allows, for example, at night to reduce their brightness, which will further savings. Also in the plans to replace the outdated fixtures in the courts and in the doorways of houses.

— The problem of lighting in municipalities is solved in the framework of the regional program of energy conservation and efficiency, calculated up to 2015 — said the Minister of Energy and Utilities Murmansk region Gennady Mikichura. — It replaced the lighting in towns and Korzunovo Luostari.

By the way, the St. Petersburg investor is going to continue to participate in the process. According to his representative on stage — and Olenegorsk Monchegorsk.

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