In the Volga region continue to produce juveniles of valuable and high-value species


In Astrakhan, Volgograd and Saratov regions, controlled by the Volga-Caspian территориальномууправлению Rosrybolovstva areas continue to produce young.

Total as at 25 August 2013, according to operative information, the release of the fish stock and valuable species (at the expense of the federal budget, as well as compensatory and equity) amounted to: in the Astrakhan region — 1,997,800,000 copies.’s Volgograd — 2.8 million copies., in the Saratov region — 0.3 million copies.

The plan, set FGBU "Sevkasprybvod" state job in 2013, is made by the sturgeon by 161%, at 115% of ordinary fish, white fish by 102%. FGBU "Nizhnevolzhrybvod" plan for sturgeon is made of 104%.

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