In the Volgograd region has opened a new plant for the production of bricks

Presentation of a new plant for the production of bricks was held today at the JSC "Biotech" in Svetloyarsky area of the Volgograd region.

The new workshop arranged production bricks on a "rigid extrusion", which allows to produce high-quality and competitive products for the construction industry.

At present JSC "Biotech" — the only Russian company that produces thickened and single facing ceramic bricks on the technology. It has a high performance in hardiness, strength, thermal conductivity, and other parameters. Entering production would increase the output to 25 million bricks per year and significantly reduce its cost (2.4 times cheaper than similar offerings in Europe). Furthermore, achieved good performance on energy efficiency. The company has carried out a large-scale reconstruction of the company. Modernization held in conjunction with leading manufacturers of profile equipment from Germany and the USA. Currently, the plant is fully commissioned.

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