In the Volgograd region opened a new school term construction

To build a new educational building in the St. Nicholas area began in 1991, but only in the last few years, managed to step up construction. In addition, under the decision of the regional government of Nicholas School number 3 has received significant budget allocation for the purchase of new equipment. Now with the latest technology are equipped with all the rooms, a dining room, a medical center, a library and a gym.

The new building is designed for 680 children — now 13, formed classes. The school became the largest in the St. Nicholas area, there are not only computers, but also the most modern teaching and laboratory equipment for the lessons of chemistry, physics and biology, the latest technology working in the nutrition unit, furniture and equipment are equipped with all the classrooms, a medical center and a library. The estimated cost of the project amounted to 160 million rubles.

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