In the Volgograd region passes modernization of dairy production

In the "SP" Don "Kalachevskyi region Volgograd region built a modern breeding complex for the production of milk. In the last year commissioned the milking parlor, complete with high-tech milking installation "Carousel" staged by 36 seats, according to the website of the regional administration.

Now the farm contained 613 heads high yielding forage cows, on average, each of them gives 7582 kg of milk per year. In this case, the productivity of Holstein-Friesian — 8100 kg, which is 2.7 times higher than the average regional figure. Over the past year gross milk on the farm was 4883 tons. Goldshtino-Friesian breed of cattle

The farm plans to increase the dairy herd to 1,200 head and receive 10,000 tons of milk a year. Products of this economy — only the highest quality category and is on baby food.

Grown in a joint venture "Don" and crops. The total area planted — 6,600 ha, of which 3.6 million hectares — grain and 3 hectares — forage crops. Last year, the gross production of grain in the joint venture "Don" was 5.4 million tons of grain yield at 26 kg / ha.

"This is one of the most effective enterprises. Competent policy of its leader allowed to bring agriculture to the forefront in our region — said the governor Anatoly brow. — The regional government, in turn, also seeks to maintain a dynamic agricultural enterprises. Undoubtedly, the real help is to subsidize farms costs from the federal and regional budgets. It is above all subsidies for the purchase of breeding livestock for keeping livestock, for receiving calves and other "

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