In the Volgograd region was put into operation a new elevator

In the Volgograd region was put into operation a new elevator capacity of 32 thousand tons of grain. New elevator appeared in Alekseyevsky area in one of the largest farms in the region — the company "Agro-key."

Start a new elevator system — this is a logical continuation of the grain business. The total investment of the owner in the rehabilitation and development of the economy, "Key-Agro" in 2009-2011 exceeded 1.1 billion rubles.

For three years the reconstruction and modernization of the economy — restored and refurbished workshops for the repair of equipment, grain cleaning and drying systems, fuel and refueling points. Acquired a new high technology of domestic and foreign production. Specialists implemented a strategy of soil fertility.

"The new elevator is equipped with a high-performance transport equipment — Italian silos, grain drying complex Argentine and German grain cleaner. Capacity elevator will be in demand and other farms, which will no longer have to haul grain in storage for tens of kilometers," — said the regional administration.

"The most important thing — you get the opportunity to reduce the cost of the final product, increase the profitability of the business, — said at the opening ceremony of the farmers elevator Governor of the Volgograd region, Anatoly brow. — For us, the regional authorities, it is important to create new industries, new jobs."

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