In the Voronezh region has earned a unified system for passenger traffic based on GLONASS

The group of companies "M2M telematics" in conjunction with a local partner "M2M telematics-Black Earth" introduced a single regional comprehensive automated dispatch system for passenger traffic on the basis of technology GLONASS in the Voronezh region.

In November 2010, the Department of Industry, Transport, Communication and Innovation Voronezh region held a competition to equip passenger vehicles GLONASS equipment, won by the GC "M2M telematics".

During the project, the subscriber telematics terminals M2M-Cyber GLX is equipped with 250 vehicles intraregional values, as well as a unified dispatch service that manages the municipal passenger transport.

In order to enhance the safety of passengers navigation and communications equipment installed in vehicles, supplemented by "panic button" and a set of voice communications capabilities that the driver in the event of any emergency situation, to contact the dispatcher in real time. Also, on some buses in pilot mode sensors fitted count incoming / outgoing passengers, camcorders and vnutrisalonnoe scoreboard, designed to inform passengers about the route and the nearest bus stops.

At a bus stop near the bus station installed a bulletin board with integrated routing pointer movement of vehicles (CMU) equipped with GLONASS equipment. Information board sends information about the actual plot of the movement and the time of arrival of passenger transport to a stop, as well as emergency situations. CMU uses data provided by the monitoring system of urban transport based on GLONASS, and is capable of up to one minute to forecast arrival time of transport to a stop with the speed of passenger transport, stopping at traffic lights, "blocks", etc.

According to the commercial director of the Civil Code "M2M telematics" Andrei Platonov, the main task of implementing systems for passenger traffic based on GLONASS is to increase the safety of passenger traffic and improving the quality of transport services. "Monitoring and transport management are effective tool for managing a fleet of vehicles, including full control of spending fuel and vehicle use for the intended purpose, adherence to schedules and routes, improving labor discipline and a lot more," — said Plato.

For the Voronezh region creating a single regional integrated automated dispatch passenger management will be fully informed about the schedule of traffic and passenger traffic on intraregional routes. Analysis of the information will rationally redistribute vehicles and generate optimal schedules and routes, ie more effectively manage the transport infrastructure of the area.

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