In the web lit up a new version of the BTR-82A



                                                            Superior BTR-82A


 In Arzamas continued improvement of the BTR-82. This time, the designers decided to improve the performance of the gun 2A72. As you know, this is a tool originally created for the "Triad" (30-mm 2A72, 2A70 100-mm gun and PKTM) BMP-3. In this setup, "tridtsatka" rigidly fastened to the 100-mm gun, and thereby provide the desired accuracy. 
With the modernization of the BTR-80 in the modification of the "A", it was decided to set 2A72. Left without a rigid attachment, barrel malokaliberki got a little "walk", which was to affect the accuracy of firing long bursts, at a maximum range of 4 km.
I first tried to solve this problem the designers Bureau "Instrument": in the second half of the 90s to combat module "Cleaver" they concluded 2A72 in hard cover. This immediately has significantly improved performance tools. But, unfortunately, these developments were not in demand in the svom homeland.



                                                     Fighting module "Cleaver" 



With the transformation of BTR-80 BTR-82A have been improved almost all the characteristics of armored personnel carriers, and not surprisingly, the designers decided to remove and this old problem. On the trunk 2A72 finally have a casing. So, it is possible that this innovation will soon appear not only on new cars but also to those that have already been delivered to the troops and ekporte.
It is possible that at the BTR-82A is mounted combi sighting and observation complex "Agat-MDT." Its production will begin at the end of this year.
The new version of the "Agatha" significantly enhance the ability of the gunner’s armored vehicle to detect and destroy targets. For this purpose, scope mounted thermal channel as infrared had a very mediocre performance and significantly limited the scope commander busy at night.
In addition, there was a sight laser range finder, who, along with ballistic computer and a new hood raise the possibility of destroying the target with the first shot.
After installing the "Agatha-MDT" "vosemdesyatvtoroy" on sight will able to compete with the best foreign armored vehicles.  



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