In the Western Military District have a new set of radio

In the Western Military District passes the test of a new radio set. As reported by "BaltInfo" the press service of the Western Military District, the complex is designed for tubeless determination of the atmospheric parameters in real time.

"It is a new kind of technology. It measures the wind up to four kilometers increments of 40 meters and 10 minutes gives an accurate result. The tests take place in a complex hydro-meteorological subdivisions County", — The press-service.

Includes radar wind profiler, control, display, and display means for guidance and topographic location, and other items.

Meteorological Complex is designed to measure wind speed and direction, processing, display and distribution in automated controls missile forces and artillery in the form necessary for the benefit of the Army and other species and genera of the Armed Forces.

As the chief of the Hydrometeorological Service WEST Colonel Alexander Hars, the use of such complex increases the operational definition of hydrometeorological conditions. Complex determines wind parameters and outputs the data three times faster than a conventional weather balloon.

If the complex is put into service, they will be equipped with artillery battalions and other units.

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