In the Western Military District in the air defense system on alert have taken up new radar

  • "Sky-Y"
  • "Sky-Y"

In the north-west Russia have taken up for combat duty in the air defense (AD) about 10 radar (radar) different range and range, and the same number of mobile integrated automation "KSA-M".

Each of the stations is supplied to the troops of the radio WEST represent a modular assembly that meets all modern requirements, and comes complete with a workstation.

Currently, air borders the north-west Russia control station "Sopka", "Gamma-C1", "Desna-M", "sky-U", "Volga" and "caste". A variety of radar stations due to the work of each of them to detect air targets at certain heights: small, medium and large, as well as work in the different ranges.

In 2013 would be adopted and go into the compounds of the air defense of the Western Military District, about 20 new modern radar stations. The first three of the planned station for delivery of this year have already been made by specialists radar troops WEST. The personnel of the air defense units underwent retraining on modern types of radar stations and is ready for data entry stations in the system for further use.

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