In the Yaroslavl region launched a new feed mill

In Of "SHP" Voschazhnikovo " Boris and the Yaroslavl region was put into a new feed mill capacity of 10 tons per hour.

To find out what the most highly productive cows fed the Yaroslavl region, it is imperative to visit the dairy complex in the village of Voschazhnikove. Here in the vast aft yard all arranged compactly and efficiently: Silage, rows of concrete silo trenches, storage of hay under roof and a spacious room fodder plant, which serves … a single operator.

— There is nothing special about the fact that people of all operations carried out mechanisms — says Pavel Sukhanov, showing how the grain mills, mixers, and other high-performance equipment. — I can only set the program and press a button and that’s it.

After that, everything else make arrangements, preparing feed corn, sunflower, cereals and a variety of feed additives. It is a real treat for the animals. Mixing with a mass of hay and haylage, it gives a full Feeders, which allows you to get rid of seasonal fluctuations in milk yields.

In the service of forage, there is one important element — mobile feeders.

— Great car! — Said the driver Igor Zimin. — The very silage cuts in the trenches and hay rolls, shuffles and dosed with the compound feed in the trough scatter.

Is it any wonder that the dairy complex "Voschazhnikovo" Cows-record holder give a day for 30 or more liters of top-class!

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