In the Yaroslavl region tysyachepudovy cast a new bell-evangelist

On the bell tower plant Nikolai Shuvalov successfully cast a new bell tysyachepudovy the evangelist for the Moscow Novospasskogo Stauropegial monastery. At the monastery bell tower giant "rookie" plan to raise more before the New Year. Thus, in the monastery, where is the tomb of the Romanov Boyars, will be symbolically completed Romanov jubilee year.

Originally cast bells in March planned to open the jubilee celebrations. But then do not have time to collect the necessary sum of money, and to get as many high-quality bronze bell once — not an easy task. And in recent weeks, as the director of the bell-enterprise Nikolay Shuvalov, casting postponed several times, waiting for the weather to improve. "After all, the quality of such massive bell is affected by many factors: temperature, humidity and air pressure, even the phases of the moon — told Nikolai. — But today, all the parameters optimally developed, and the weather was removed. " 

The evangelist produced for the old traditional way of Russia torsion in the clay on the patterns — a method that is deservedly considered Shuvalov "card" in the modern bell industry in Russia. The whole process took a whole day, and to work directly with the metal in the four founders left an hour. Such a large bell Tutaev cast for the fourth time. "But each new cast brings something different, some accompanied by their own characteristics and working moments, so get used to it is not possible" — said Shuvalov.

Now the newborn bell cools down in the ground. Would get him through the week and a half, the product must be fully ready by 25 September, and the consecration is scheduled for September 29.

Bell takes place that is rightfully his almost 300 years. In 1717, the king made a gift to Peter the Novospassky monastery — a huge bell weighing 1,000 pounds. But it destroyed by fire in 1812. The bell, cast in Tutaev — a direct descendant of the gift and its exact copy.

On the creation of a huge bell — translated into modern units, it weighs about 16 tons — the Tutaevsky masters took no less than six months. The entire process, from molding to casting was carried out according to the rules of an ancient casting, which is more than four hundred years. Primarily, the so-called manufactured dummy bell or the substrate for the mold — it is in the ground at a depth of three feet. It was only after a considerable time to get to the casting of the bell. But the masters of this magnitude do not order it the first time.

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