In the Zaporozhye University Hospital opened the updated X-ray department

In the "University Hospital" Zaporozhye State Medical University was opened after renovation radiology department, which is fully upgraded equipment.


Modern X-ray system with a remote control «Precision RXI» well-known manufacturer of high-tech equipment «General Electric», acquired through collaboration with the Zaporozhye industry.

"Three in One" — say about installing the doctors office. After all, it is possible to get a digital X-ray diffraction and X-rays of ultra-high-quality distribution (if necessary, as soon as possible and to print an image on film), the tomogram, and chest x-rays to macroscopic study. Shooting occurs at any angle needed to cover the anatomy and processing of images of this equipment is a matter of seconds. In contrast to MRI or CT, x-rays provides a dynamic diagnostic method, which is extremely important not only for diagnosis, but also during treatment.

The new X-ray is very convenient for the patient for a few moments to select the desired position, and most importantly — five times less irradiates the patient than other similar devices.

Rentgenotdeleniya equipped and new equipment for the needs of dentistry: purchased modern panoramic ortopontomograf RAY. Digital images vnutriklinichnoyu computer network are transmitted to the department of dentistry and doctors can immediately view them, without waiting for printing.

New and modern equipment used by patients from around the region — the day department is able to receive more than 100 patients. New equipment will be used in the educational process: students third and fifth courses held here ZSMU practical classes on "Radiology".

During a visit in Kiev, the Health Minister Raisa Bogatyreva commended the only one on the whole of the Ukraine Center for Health and Prevention, established on the basis of the university clinic of Zaporozhye Medical University. After all, these centers are an important link in the program for Disease Control and reorient the healthcare industry on prevention and public health protection. And to achieve this without the introduction of modern methods for the diagnosis and treatment possible.

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