In three of the region received new coaches

July 18, at the bus station on the Yaroslavl-Main transport agency head of the Yaroslavl region, Alexander told Boltovnin Route 500E and presented the new buses.

The route out of 9 new buses. They replaced the fairly used cars. The new bus GolAZ "Voyage" is built on the chassis and aggregates Swedish company Scania and is designed to operate on long-distance routes stretching up to 500 kilometers or more. In its 53 seats, it is 9 more than the usual lyase, comfortable seats, air conditioning. All on the line will see three such machines.

Right from the presentation of the new buses were sent to the route 500E Yaroslavl — Rybinsk. 500E — it is actually a former route 500T, only now he’s on the road is just one stop — Tutaev, and, importantly, there were benefits.

New modern buses took to the route "Elec-Lipetsk." A total amount of subsidies in the transport sector of the Lipetsk region will be about 68 million rubles in 2013.

Six new modern buses «Hyundai» took to the route "Elec — Lipetsk." The total cost of upgrading the fleet was about 35 million rubles. Transport was acquired by now one of the private carriers on the program of state support. The measure provides for the allocation of subsidies in the amount of 20 percent of cost recovery for the first lease payment


The new buses are fitted with comfortable passenger seats, suited for long-term long-distance services, modern systems of active and passive safety systems, climate control and sound amplifiers.

This year, similar measures have also used the support of "Volovskaya ATP", JSC "Terbunskaya ATP" (these two companies have purchased six 20-seat buses marks "Citroen" and "Ford"). Before the year is planned to purchase six buses of "Dolgorukovsky ATP" and twenty — OAO "Lipetsk bus lines." A total amount of subsidies in the transport industry area will be about 68 million rubles in 2013.

In Freeport (Amur region). Solemnly met the column of new buses

July 15 Free from Vladivostok were delivered three passenger bus «DAEWOO». For a city that is very good news about the large and comfortable buses, our passengers are dreaming for a long time. Therefore, they made a solemn meeting.…retili-kolonnu-novyh.html 

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