In Tobolsk district of the Tyumen region opens a new poultry farm

Adjacent to the foxes and foxes settled Africans. In Tobolsk district started breeding ostriches. The first Siberian winter new lodgers moved well. In fur farms "Barguzinskaya" flightless birds moved last year from a nearby ostrich farm. Wintering for them was successful, although the Africans themselves — the real picky. "They need at least 20 degrees in the winter temperatures. They are also very fond of the will, that is, they can not live in a zagonchike, they necessarily need here such cages. Nutrition also great because they eat both herbivores. They eat hay , freshly cut grass and grain, "- said General Director of" Barguzinskaya "Hope Matveeva.

Fur breeding farm is located on the site of an old farm on cultivation of fur-bearing animals. The activity among foxes and foxes are not restricted. Built cages for pheasants. Their are several types: royal, silver, hunting. With them peacefully coexist peacocks. In the spring of their mating season and the only way to see the beauty of the peacock’s tail in full. Bred here and fur-bearing animals. Not so long ago, black-brown fox appeared offspring. Now little puppies have just started to learn world. Pride "Barguzinskaya" — red fox named "met with fire." So named for its aggressive nature.

From day to day the company will run a workshop for fattening broiler chickens. Work in this direction is planned for a long time. And now entered the final stage. The project developed Chelyabinsk specialists. The basis taken in a former garment factory. Both floors have separate entrances, modern ventilation. In the reconstruction used a special brand of concrete. Due to this the floors were completely isolated from each other. There is not even the smell penetrate.

In the Tyumen region storey factory farms has ever had. "Barguzinskaya" becomes a kind of pioneer in this field. Now both floors are ready to accept newcomers. 16,000 chickens will soon settle first on the ground floor. As many more will take their place in the top tier in two weeks. The first result of the new plan to get here in July.

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