In Tobolsk is a dramatic reconstruction of the theater. P.P.Ershova

In October 2010, the building of Tobolsk Drama Theater named after Pyotr Yershov was delivered for reconstruction. We are actively being built annexe, which will house a small hall and a museum. Thanks to the annexe building will add to the length and pops facade towards the Komsomolsk prospectus. On both sides of the theater will be decorated stained glass windows. In the evening, the building will be beneficial to set off the mood lighting. Adjacent to the theater area will be landscaped. Street lighting, landscaping, parking areas, which accommodate 50 cars. The heart of the theater — the audience. The scene grows in size, there will be a rotating circle. On the sides of the stalls already overbuilt balconies and boxes. Capacity of the auditorium — 427 seats, including the specially provided places for people with disabilities. The ground floor will house and grimubornoy for the actors involved in the productions of the great hall. Basement take workshops for the production of scenery — turning, plumbing and other. From there they will be transported to the scene by the elevator. The third floor will costume and barber shop. A special area will be the theater café. Tables will be located on two levels and can accommodate 28 people at a time. On the wall is planned big screen. It is assumed that visitors will not only cafe theater audience, but also employees of the nearby organizations. Even now, on the basis of a design project, we can confidently say that it will be one of the best theater buildings of the Tyumen region.














Great Hall



Small Hall



The old building completely rebuilt.











  At the end of the XVIII century, created the first Tobolsk in Siberia professional theater. The first building was constructed in 1791, with the number of seats 560. In the performances of the theater was occupied by 16 actors and orchestra, composed of 9 members. In an extensive repertoire attended drama and tragedy, comedy and comic opera of French, German, Russian and Italian authors. At the end of the XIX century in the theater staged plays NV Gogol, AP Chekhov, A. Ostrovsky.
Mention of the first theatrical performances in the city associated with the year 1705, when the blessing of Metropolitan of Tobolsk Filofeja Leszczynski pupils and teachers of spiritual schools played at the walls of the bishop’s house play "The Prodigal Son Nebuchadnezzar."

   With the erection of a wooden building in 1898, "People’s audience," a two-story, a Russian-style towers, there were plans to create a publicly accessible national theater. In September 1899 in the building of the "People’s audience" was put on the first performance of the comedy, AN Ostrovsky’s "own people — are numbered."





 Sorry, could not save the historic theater building — a monument of wooden architecture burned down in 1990. He died in the fire and the theater museum, established in 1985. Since January 2003 revived the active search operation to collect materials for filling the museum.

 PS Do not hold back, I will lay out a few photos.

Tobolsk Kremlin 




A couple of years ago built the unusual building registrar. 





 January 27 (February 8), 1834 Mendeleev was born in Tobolsk.





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